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Groups & Private Functions

“I need cover fire!”

“Flank them on the right!”

“Let’s rush them!”










This doesn’t sound like your typical get together with your friends. That’s because it isn’t.

A battle among friends and co-workers at Defcon Paintball is an adrenalin rush you’ll find nowhere else. The comradery and sense of team you go home with will be anything but typical. This is the game of paintball.

The next time you’re planning a big party, major gathering of friends or your next company event, do something your crew will actually remember. A dinner is only as good as your last meal. Battling it out in one our 20,000 sq-ft state-of-the-art facilities, is an experience that you’ll still be talking about long after Monday morning.

The Details

We offer special discounted rates for those booking their private functions at Defcon. This includes 4 hours of playtime, all equipment, 100 paintballs, safety course and team identifiers for game play.