Low Impact Paintball

BY Toronto Paintball - 29 August, 2016

Low Impact Paintball Blog Post-2-1Low impact paintball is fast becoming a popular way for younger and less experienced players to enjoy the thrill of paintball. If you are unfamiliar with what “low impact paintball” is, it is the same as traditional paintball, except that it uses a smaller sized projectile usually .50 calibre or 1/2 inch in diameter. Traditional paintballs are generally .68 calibre or .68 inches in diameter. The obvious differences are less mess and less felt when hit. It also serves as an excellent first step for anyone looking to get into the sport who may be intimidated by the idea of being hit by a larger faster moving paintball.


The sport of paintball becomes much more accessible not only to younger players but also their families along with being less painful, .50 caliber paintballs leave a much smaller marks if they hit bare skin. These two factors make low impact paintball much less intimidating and much more family friendly than typical .68 caliber paintballs.


Aside from the obvious benefits of using a smaller paintball there are other benefits to low impact paintball that everyone, even the most experienced paintballers can appreciate. The weight of both the paintballs and the marker is significantly reduced. This makes the marker making easier to carry and aim, while also allowing the player to carry more additional paintballs. This of course in turn allows you to move quicker. Since the paintballs are smaller, they have less paint inside of them, which means players and fields alike will have an easier time cleaning up their equipment and clothes after a day of play.


Low Impact Paintball Blog Post-3In addition to this reduced weight, the .50 caliber paintballs requires less gas to fire them, making the markers much more efficient. Why does this efficiency matter? Since less air is being used when the marker is fired, each shot produces less recoil and allows very young players to maintain accurate fire, even if using their marker in full automatic mode. Better efficiency also means more shots can be fired from any given size of air/co2 tank. For younger or smaller players, this means that smaller, lighter tanks can be used. Players that don’t mind the extra weight of a higher capacity tank will be able to carry and shoot much more paint before having to refill their tank


With all these benefits of low impact paintball, what are the downsides? Unfortunately not as many fields offer low impact paintball, but that number is growing all the time. Also, at the moment there are only a handful of different markers available for use with .50 caliber paintballs, but that number to is growing .


If you are new to paintball and would like to try a less painful version of the game, give low impact a try. It is every bit as exciting and action packed as traditional .68 caliber paintball. Low impact paintball is a marvellous way of introducing your friends or family to the sport.


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