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Defcon Paintball | Hours & Pricing Mississauga

Our Location

2463 Royal Windsor Drive , Unit #2

Mississauga, ON ,Canada ,L5J 1K7


Paintball just got a whole lot more exciting in Mississauga. Our new location brings the premiere paintball experience to the city of Mississauga. Come experience a top-of-the-line tactical field created by the top set designers.

The game of paintball has grown exponentially in the last five years thanks to the popularity of games like “Call of Duty.” It’s just a natural progression to realize that if a video game is that much fun, the real thing must be even better.

That’s why Defcon is becoming a popular choice for a social night out, corporate events and birthday and bachelor parties. The excitement, friendly competition and adrenalin rush of paintball just can’t be replicated by your typical night out on the town.

Give us a call and let our knowledgeable staff walk you through all your options. We offer very competitive rates and accommodate everyone whether you’re a pro or it’s your very first time.

Come see why we are one of the fast growing paintball brands out there. With Defcon, there is a difference. Come experience Mississauga paintball at its very best.